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My name is Katarina and I am an elementary teacher who is navigating the changing world of education one class at a time. I live in Toronto, Canada and aside from teaching, I am a lover of fitness, health/wellness, travel, and art, but I tend to spend my downtime enjoying good food & wine with those closest to me.


I've definitely had my share of challenges in my career so far, but ultimately the relationships and impact I can have on students is what keeps me coming back. I LOVE my job. I am passionate about creating engaging, rich learning experiences that students will remember and I love sharing my lessons, ideas, and resources with teacher like you. 

The reason I chose to start a blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers page is because I realized people are profiting off things that I (and you) do every. single. day. I did a little bit of research, launched my store page, and slowly but surely I started seeing success. In August 2019, I had a 2882% growth increase in profit. Yes - you read that right. I went from making enough money to cover my own TPT purchases to creating another revenue stream I can count on. After just a few changes. If this sounds intriguing to you, know that I am working on something that will help you make this your reality. Sign up for my Free Resource Library to get the most exclusive offers on this program that will be coming in July 2020. 



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