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How to start 2020 off with a BANG in your classroom!

I am someone who LOVES the start of a new year. As teachers, we are actually kind of blessed to have two "new years"- the one in August/September... and the other one that everyone else celebrates. I thoroughly enjoy setting new goals for myself, and hitting the "reset" button on all of the habits I let fall behind in the whirlwind of the holidays.

However, as teachers, we know that the first day back from the holidays can be, well, frightening. :)

The students seem to have completely forgotten every expectation/routine they were masters of just a couple weeks earlier. I have struggled with how best to "review" routines and expectations with students without spending a full period just talking at them so I came up with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE game you can play with your students.

This is no fancy, Jeopardy/Family Feud game show, but if you have a class that thrives on games and competition, I think this works just as well. Especially because you can customize it, and make it as long or short as you feel is necessary. It is also super fun because I review our expectations using songs. I did these in the beginning of the year, but you can 100% keep them in and just have the students GUESS what the expectation is based on the song that plays. It's almost more fun that way!

If you'd like access to this Review Game (EDITABLE), head to my Freebie Page!

My plan for our first day back will be: - Review Game for Classroom Expectations

- Community Circle - Sharing our Holiday Highlights

- 2020 Goal Setting Pages FREE in my TPT store: - General school work (we have some things to finish up due to a high number of absences prior to the break!)

What is your plan for the first day back?




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