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Tis' the Season - Teacher Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

"Alexa, play It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Tis' the Season for shopping! There is something about the holidays that gets me SO excited every year. I truly love giving and thinking of unique gift ideas for everyone that I love. So, it felt natural to write a blog post about what you can give to the teachers in your life, OR if you are teacher, what you can treat yourself with this holiday season because... self-care right?

For the Tech-Savvy Teacher

A Wireless Doorbell $45.00

Why you may ask? This doorbell has legitimately SAVED my voice year after year. I plug the bases into opposite sides of my room, hang the bell-ringer on my lanyard and VOILA - an attention grabber for students that doesn't involve yelling, chanting, clapping, or singing :)

Cheaper Version: $20

A Microphone $40.00

Okay - this is NOT necessary for a teacher by any means, but seriously makes all classroom activities more fun. It also saves your voice if you have a noisy bunch. I mostly use mine for community circles, group reading, drama, etc., but it is a game-changer when it comes to class participation and engagement.

For the New Teacher

Scotch Laminator - $25

So helpful for every new teacher to have their own laminator to get started! The Amazon Basics laminating pouches are typically much cheaper and work great as well.

Lexington Rolling Cart - $50

These rolling carts are SUPER helpful for extra storage in the classroom. I use mine to keep any small-group binders and resources, and because it's on wheels I can move it wherever I need!

Astrobrights Paper - $30

Bright coloured paper can be helpful for a new teacher setting up a classroom if they don't have access to a coloured printer! This paper makes basic handouts or posters for the classroom POP and looks better than the basic black ink on white paper.

For the Teacher who Needs a Break

We all either ARE this teacher or know this teacher. Or both - haha. The teacher burnout it REAL and as much as we do love getting things to enhance our classrooms, sometimes we need to step away and focus on self-care.

Jet Lag Mask - $63

If you have a skincare lover in your life, this is a holy-grail product for the winter season. So hydrating and feels AMAZING on your skin. It is definitely on the pricier side but completely worth it if you live in a drier climate.

Sage Gift Set - $100

I am in love with Sage products, especially for destressing. I have the diffuser and a variety of the oil blends and they make a room smell so good and feel very zen and spa-like.

Cozy Robe - $44

Everyone needs a luxurious, cozy robe to crawl into after a crazy day in school.

The Gratitude Diaries - $20

I am currently reading this and loving it. It is a great reminder on the importance of gratitude and how to practice it in your day-to-day life.





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